600 a Black Disciples Set they are into with "207" another BD set here are their members.

- KemoFrm600 (Deceased)

-600 Boy Marcoo (Deceased)

- NuNu (Deceased)

- Durk (Deceased)

- Bry'Capone (Deceased)

- FoolioFrmDa6 (Deceased0

- Lil Capone (Deceased0

- Rondo (Deceased)

- Tay'Reese (Deceased)

- Fredo (Deceased)

- Breezy (Deceased)

- CC Da Block (Deceased)

-TraeShordy (Deceased)

- Lil Breezy (Deceased)

- Fazo (Deceased)

- 600 Boy Travis (Deceased)

- WillFrm600

- Kadoe

- Bando600

- 600 Boy Bryon

- OnSite600

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